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Giacomo Tantillo on trumpet, who was undoubtedly the star of the show.
The following movement was composed by trumpeter Giacomo Tantillo. This piece could easily be described as a concerto for trumpet and orchestra. At times the piece had the sensibilities of a Gill Evans arrangement while at other times a seventies prog rock feel, yet no matter what the groove was it was intense and Tantillo excelled as soloist. Further solo contributions came from Trombonist Salvatore Sciarratta that eventually morfed into a collective improvisation between trumpet and trombone. Personally I found this movement to be one of the two highlight movements of suite.
                                                                                                              Jazz in Europe


The most impressive section was ‘Vulcano’, by tutor/trumpeter Giacomo Tantillo, with its leviathan tread and crackle-muted solo, that guitarist again screaming at low volume, and a trombonist entering for some dialogue, all getting heated. Tantillo was encountered the next day, when your scribe drove down to visit the Conservatorio Arturo Toscanini in actual Ribera. There Tantillo was getting a band together with students and fellow professors, revealing a relaxed working relationship in the name of small group dynamism.

The pieces are extremely well worked out and contain a number of sumptuous flashes and choruses of high quality, mainly those of the impressive trumpeter Giacomo Tantillo, sometimes in duet with the excellent Salvatore Sciarratta on trombone.
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”To me Giacomo is reminicent to the very progressive sound of trumpeter woody shaw.. That is a feat to accomplish..congratulations to this fine musician..Giacomo Tantillo..... ”Tutti Italiani”..
                                                                                                  George Garzone

"Tantillo è un trombettista completo. Anche lui con un eccellente controllo tecnico unito a un bellissimo tempo , grande  fantasia e calore."
                                                                                                        Enrico Rava

I met Giacomo 2 years ago, in Umbria Jazz 2012. I was playing in a jam session in a club in Perugia and he sat in a few times, he sounded excellent.

Last year Giacomo did a wonderful job in my ensemble. He was not the only best trumpet player of the camp but arguably the best musician. I dislike to speak in terms of “best” in music but he really sounds like a professional musican. Great sound, vast repertoire, impeccable reader, huge range. He has a great attitude as well, he was very helpful to all students and me.

Mr. Tantillo is already a rising star in Italy. His inquisitiveness, talent and discipline will make him an outstanding musician in the near future. He has potential for a great career in music and will be an asset to our institution.

Fernando Huergo
Professor, Bass Department
Berklee College of Music


I heard his playing in many settings at the 2013 Berklee at Umbria Jazz Clinics, and I find him to be a mature, versatile trumpeter. Oftentimes I would hear him without knowing who was playing (for instance, through the window of a jazz club, while I was reveling outside), and think "wow, is that Jeff Stout playing? No! Jeff is right beside me!" and in so doing mistake Giacomo for a veteran, master improviser. He can play bebop as well as more outward-leaning styles. He is able to lead the ensemble in articulations and dynamics. His demeanor in ensembles was nothing short of supportive and encouraging, and I believe he will be valuable also as a great member of the Berklee Community....

Mark Shilansky
Assistant Professor, Ear Training
Berklee College of Music