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”To me Giacomo is reminicent to the very progressive sound of trumpeter woody shaw.. That is a feat to accomplish..congratulations to this fine musician..Giacomo Tantillo..... ”Tutti Italiani”..
                                                                                                  George Garzone

"Tantillo è un trombettista completo. Anche lui con un eccellente controllo tecnico unito a un bellissimo tempo , grande  fantasia e calore."
                                                                                                        Enrico Rava

I met Giacomo 2 years ago, in Umbria Jazz 2012. I was playing in a jam session in a club in Perugia and he sat in a few times, he sounded excellent.

Last year Giacomo did a wonderful job in my ensemble. He was not the only best trumpet player of the camp but arguably the best musician. I dislike to speak in terms of “best” in music but he really sounds like a professional musican. Great sound, vast repertoire, impeccable reader, huge range. He has a great attitude as well, he was very helpful to all students and me.

Mr. Tantillo is already a rising star in Italy. His inquisitiveness, talent and discipline will make him an outstanding musician in the near future. He has potential for a great career in music and will be an asset to our institution.

Fernando Huergo
Professor, Bass Department
Berklee College of Music


I heard his playing in many settings at the 2013 Berklee at Umbria Jazz Clinics, and I find him to be a mature, versatile trumpeter. Oftentimes I would hear him without knowing who was playing (for instance, through the window of a jazz club, while I was reveling outside), and think "wow, is that Jeff Stout playing? No! Jeff is right beside me!" and in so doing mistake Giacomo for a veteran, master improviser. He can play bebop as well as more outward-leaning styles. He is able to lead the ensemble in articulations and dynamics. His demeanor in ensembles was nothing short of supportive and encouraging, and I believe he will be valuable also as a great member of the Berklee Community....

Mark Shilansky
Assistant Professor, Ear Training
Berklee College of Music